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Yes, we are endorsed by the Ministry of Environment and certified and registered by UAE Municipalities. In fact, we are the only one licensed to handle, recover and reclaim refrigerants in the Middle East.

Absolutely. OEM’s around the world regularly use reclaimed refrigerant gas. It’s globally a proven and tested system. Our machines are to EPA standard.

Yes, we do.

Easy. Say you have Dhs2000 worth of gas in your a/c system. Venting means losing this Dhs2000 completely. It also means you then have to go to the market and buy another Dhs2000 to replace it. That’s Dhs4000 worth of gas you have used. With EnviroServe, we recover and therefore use the original Dhs2000 that is in the system and we make it clean and pure for as little as Dhs1000. We save you Dhs1000 in cost, Dhs2000 in wasted gas and you are also saving the environment.

On small quantities, yes, on larger quantities, no.

No. We can deliver fresh pure refrigerant as permanent replacement, at the time we do the recovery. The gas we collect or recover from you goes to replace the gas we have already delivered.

Yes, we can proactively provide you with recovery cylinders, pre-vacuumed that can remain with your service teams. Ensure you have the necessary recovery kit of a scale, pump and manifolds and you can start the process yourself immediately.

We are ready when you are. We are located halfway between Dubai and Abu Dhabi/Al Ain and can be with you in hours and minutes.

We provide money back guarantee and full certification of the product we deliver. Quality is a given with EnviroServe Refrigerants (ESR).

Yes, we can do on-site checks on purity immediately and lab test on contamination levels in 24 hours. This determines levels of acidity, moisture, oil etc.

EnviroServe provides certificates and guarantees for everything we do. Where there is a certificate required by law, we provide that too!

The same way you order all pick ups. Call or email us. Your call will be answered by a trained support team member who will use their experience to make life as easy as possible. This includes dealing with government agencies, all of whom we have long-standing relationships with.

Counterfeit goods that need to be picked up from customs and must never re-enter the market. Or last year’s unwanted inventory of anything and everything that has plastic, metal, glass, plastic, paper in it and must not re-enter the market in grey channels.

When you have items for which you absolutely need to know what is going to happen to them, or they need special secure pick up, this is special waste.

Not many recyclers have the ability or capacity to offer infrastructure and compliance, and when they do, they are usually not focused on the benefits they enable. See the CSR Fulfilment page

If you have a budget to make sure your company’s CSR handbook is adhered to in a way that the public can see your commitment, then you need to make sure that all your branches in the region have all the rules and checks in place. So you will need a specialist who understands these commitments, and not just some dudes with a truck.

EnviroServe has built up many drop-off facilities, recycling day events and partners, which when combined with the tight adherence to local rules and regulations, means that a marketing executive can have all their promises fulfilled without actually having have to own their own infrastructure.

Corporate Social Responsibility is what it stands for, and is used to describe a set of guidelines unique to each corporation that dictate to it’s employees and often suppliers too, exactly how they treat the environment and communities within their ecosystem. Often, it is run by Marketing Teams, as they are often the ones who need to handle the fallout on non-compliance when the public finds out.

Yes. Our facilities are in Dubai, and focus on the MENA region, but we have approved recycling partners and global logistics partners, so we can take care of your needs globally.

Yes. Call us to arrange our green van to visit your area. Arrange a Collection Now

It is segregated into the many differing components and shipped to refineries. The parts are then crushed, melted and treated into raw materials for re-use.

Do not worry, but remember you are ultimately responsible for your data, so once we have your item, don’t call us afterwards asking if you can have the data because it has gone forever! Your Hard Drive is either shredded into 10mm pieces, or has gone through a Ministry Of Defence approved wiping called “Blannco“.

Depends on our arrangement with you. The majority of our business is purely recycling. However, the best form of recycling is re-use but that has its specific guidelines as well. We facilitate the complete destruction and dispatch of the dismantled product in its plastic, metal, glass, paper or electronic components. However, if you have product that can be re-marketed, we welcome talking this through with you. Contact us to find out if we can give you money back for your e-Waste – you don’t know if you don’t ask.

We sure can. Let us know the origin and our logistics team takes care of the rest!

Our trade licence and cheques must say “Enviroserve Services”. Ask our Accountant for the bank details if you wish to do a transfer. We like transfers!

Depending what you want done with them and what you want us to do with them – but everything it sent to all four corners of our facility for onward action. For example – Full recycling goes for segregation, crushing etc and buy-back remarketing goes for refurbishment to make it look pretty again, make sure it works and then goes to a needy person elsewhere in the world.

Allow us 24hrs+ as the tons of e-Waste, plastics and used office equipment we process and transport is unbelievable!

For your household recycling, we offer Green Truck subscription service. Simply go here and subscribe – You’ll get a schedule, instructions and a free recycling bin for us to collect each week.

It is best to call and talk to one of our trained Customer Service team members – they are always happy to answer your questions. If you prefer, or are out of office hours, please email us, and we will respond promptly. Go to our Contact page.

In UAE, the weekend is Friday and Saturday. Our team works hard, so we take these days off. Office hours are 08:00 to 17:00 daily Sunday to Thursday inclusive.

We accept local and internationally accepted currencies. You may have some trouble getting us to accept your Zimbabwe Dollars!

They will very soon be throughout the UAE at very convenient locations such as petrol stations, telecom companies, shops and malls. Right now, you can go to any Spinneys or a Dubai Municipality office. Also, remember our service where we can collect your household recycling, directly from your home using the free recycling bin we provide you with.

We sure can and we are the exception to the rule on this! But it must be for recycling, and consigned to EnviroServe with our permission and a letter of authorisation and acceptance between us. But it saves you a lot of money and its all approved by Customs.

From small penlights to the largest mailing machine and printer, we have a solution.

EnviroServe is governed by the strict Environmental Policies enforced at both an Emirate and at Federal Level of the UAE. However, we use the WEEE Directive as our own guideline. EnviroServe’s processes strictly adhere to local regulations as well as international standards established by the United Nations Environment Program and the WEEE (Directive 2002/95/EC). This work falls under Directive 2002/96/EC, promoting the collection and recycling of electrical and electronic equipment. Partner factories/refineries all fall under these guidelines with ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 accredited processes, and have been audited and approved by the relevant internationally recognized companies. All solutions are compliant with the relevant WEEE Directive and other international legislation, and we are closely monitored by the Municipal Authorities.